Want to Get Success in Sales? Take the Doctor’s Way.

You may scratch your head after reading the title. After all, why should a sales person take the Doctor’s way for getting success. Should they regularly go for health check-ups? Are they more prone to diseases? Put aide all such thoughts. We will stick to our favorite subject i.e. sales and try to learn a few lessons from working style of a doctor.

Think of an incident, when a patient visited any clinic for treatment. He is complaining about headache. In response, without asking any question, doctor lifts a pen and write a prescription Paracetamol and hand over to you. Will you visit that doctor again? Headache can be due to stress or cold or migraine or to say some injury. And in all the cases treatment will be different. But what doctor did to you? A “One for All” headaches. No need to say, that you will never visit that doctor again.

Let’s see, what a good doctor used to do? A good doctor is spending, more than 90% of his time with patient, to figure out problem. They ask questions, listen to patient to collect all symptoms, analyse them, diagnose the problem and then only prescribe the solution.

A little bit change in terminology, can figure out the SUCCESS MANTRA OF A SALES PERSON, which are as follows: –

  1. Asking question
  2. Listening to collect facts
  3. Analyzing facts to know the customer’s need and offering solution
  1. Asking Question– Unfortunately, most of the time, it is considered that a good sales person is that who can speak well and even forcefully (sometimes) about his/her product. But any product is of no use, till it becomes a solution, that fulfills customer’s need. And there is only one way to know the customer’s problem i.e. asking question. As the patient know only some sorts of symptoms and not the disease, similarly, most of time, customers know their problems and not exact need.
  1. Listening to collect facts– As patients expect doctors to listen to them, similarly clients also like to be heard about their pain points. With listening, not only the sales person builds rapport with client, but also gets valuable information, helpful in designing his solution. This may give extra mileage to sales person.
  1. Analyzing facts to know the customer’s need and offering solution– After collecting all the symptoms, doctor can diagnose the problem and then he suggests a customized proscription to patient. Similarly, a good salesperson also analyse the facts and work out the customer’s need and then propose the situation based solution.

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