Visit Successful Without Meeting Client; A Real Case…..

(This is a real case of a sales person from a chemical company)

Few days back, while doing research for my upcoming book on questioning skills of a sales person, I met “WIL” (Changed name), a sales person from a reputed chemical company, during lunch. He was coming from a sales call. I thanked him for turning up on my request and started conversation by asking him, “How was the visit? Met with client?” I had no idea that what Wil was about to say, would give me a new dimension for that discussion. His reply was worth jaw dropping. It was “Visit was excellent, but did not meet client”.  What is popping up in your mind as an obvious and natural question, was the same echoing inside my brain, “How a visit can be excellent without meeting customer?”

To get answer of this question, you must know about Wil, his industry and his unique approach to serve his client. First come to Wil. He is working for a large scale chemical company, from Gujarat, India. Due to certain reason, I can’t disclose his name. Hence, we call him as “Wil”, that indicates WILL POWER of sales person.

After Wil, let’s come to Indian Chemical industry now. In recent years, slowdown in Chinese chemical industry has created a level field for their Indian counter parts to grow well, that is reflected as their top-line growth. This industry is attracting man power to handle growing business. But along with growth lies some dark sides too. As against entry of more players, there is in-proportionate growth in number of domestic customers, which in turn puts huge burden on target of local sales persons. In short competition is growing up. Translating this macro scenario into a micro one for Client-Sales person interaction, now clients are meeting with more sales person these days than few years back. Therefore, it’s not very easy for sales persons to get noticed by clients especially for newly joined ones. Old methods of giving brand reminder gifts and sending “Best Wishes” message during festivals have lost sheen lately.

Our sales person “Wil” was also facing these challenges, when he joined his company three years back. After missing his target for few months, Wil realized that he must device some innovative ways to impress clients. Although Wil shared many of his strategies, but here one of his remarkable deed will be described. Wil had noticed that most of the sales persons are focusing only on bagging orders. Once they get it, they shift their attention towards other customers. As a result, they had to rebuild all sorts of rapport again for getting orders next time. Identifying all these gaps, Wil decided to give equal attention to POST SALES SERVICES, right from the day of order fulfilment. And here he came up with a brilliant activity, that left no room for his customers to ignore him.

What Wil used to do at the delivery date?

  1. Wil keeps a record of dispatch and delivery schedule of products ordered for some selected clients.
  2. Without any exception, he manages to be present at the premises of client’s company at the time of delivery.
  3. For getting noticed, he used to wear a shirt branded with his company logo.
  4. Try to confront client and his subordinates at their premises to get noticed
  5. Finally, after products is handed over, Wil writes note and send to the client, which is as shown in the following pic: –


Although this activity seems to be a very simple one, but this creates a long-lasting impression in the mind of customer. For information, Wil has been a very successful sale in his organization. His success could easily be measured with fact, that he managed to win “STAR Award” for two quarters in last two years and not missed his target in the same period.

I request all the readers to share some of such innovative strategies or activities from your own experience and knowledge.

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