3 Essential Steps to Take After a Sales Call


Prospect call is the most important part for any sales person’s life and they are making all sorts of preparation for this. But can a good sales call make any sales person successful. Most of the successful sales persons have a view that only satisfactory performance during a sales call is generally not guarantee your success. What gives an edge to successful sales person are the ACTIVITIES between two subsequent calls with same prospect, the period, which most sales persons waste simply waiting for the next meeting.

In this blog, I am going to list down some of the activities to be performed after a call with a prospect, which I collected from interviewing many successful sales persons.

  1. Writing Notes of Key Discussion Points

This is of foremost importance to note all the important points immediately after meeting. There can be many outcomes of discussion, which may not be of use in present context, but of future benefits. You used to meet with many prospects day in and day out and it’s imperative that you take the time to capture details of meeting to stay organized. Modern technology with mobile phones and laptops are very much useful to capture and store such information, where you can easily find them at a mouse click. No need to note down all the details, but of some strategic importance. Following are some suggested points, worth finding a place in your exclusive folder of D-drive: –

  • Information on decision making process
  • Priority of products or services
  • Area of expansion
  • Any specific expectation from vendors
  • Personal liking of prospect
  1. Note of Thanks

This is one the easiest, but rarely practiced activity by a sales person. After all prospect has devoted some time for you from his busy schedule, he/she certainly deserves some genuine thanks. Now the bigger question is how to say thanks. Some may be in habit of sending thank you notes by email and Whats app after high-stakes meetings, as it was confirmed to me by few sales persons. Now think for a while, how many emails and Whats app messages, you receive in a day. I guess not less than hundred. Do you think, you email or message will really be noticed? I would like to clarify that my intention is not to demean importance of sending emails or message. But at least, prospects of crucial importance should be given more weight and treated with some surprise activity. A HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU NOTE with a card or envelope in such cases can really do wonders. This note should be concise, specific to a conversation and personalized. They will feel appreciated and heard, which is essential for a strong relationship. Besides, you’re the only person you know sending handwritten thank you notes, you have already differentiated yourself from the competition. Added to this, a card will reach after 2-3 days and this will act like a booster dose of reminder to your prospect.

  1. Fulfill Your Promises

Beside mainline topics, there always happen some supporting discussions during sales calls, which, mostly, are overlooked by sales persons. Let us say, you meet your prospect to discuss your product or service, but during discussion, a few minutes took a turn towards high attrition problem of your prospect’s company. On which you suggested him/her to go through some path breaking initiatives taken by an organization in France. In this regard, you promised to provide an article about that organization Harward Business Review. Although this article is no way related to your business, but your response on your promise will now reflect your commitments. If you fail to send this along the day after meeting after you made a verbal promise to do so, you’re indicating that you’re not going to deliver on promises in the future, which you don’t like for sure.


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