3 Ways to Identify Sales Opportunities Before Your Competitors

Already worked on your product knowledge, improved your communication skill, develop relation with customer. Got good success. Still want to win more sales. How? Is there any way? Yes, if you can avoid competition rather than only winning it. You need not only to look for the opportunity, but to smell it. That’s only way, you can get an advantage over your competitors, without breaching any legal or moral norms.

Just like a herd of sheep, most salespeople spend their time chasing prospects who are actively involved in making a decision. And that’s why it is explicit to everyone. If you join them, your chances of winning are slim. Have you ever thought, if you can foresee, or rather you can trigger decision making process, what can you achieve? Here’s what the most successful sales persons do to find those undiscovered opportunities.

  1. Leadership Changes- A Plethora of Opportunities

Change of managers or leadership is a common thing in corporate. People find new opportunities and they shift. New leadership always shakes things up. A new boss often launches new projects within months of starting. The quicker, you can understand new requirements and shift your offerings as accordingly, the better you can expect from your existing customer. This is the first opportunity with you.

But what about the old manager? You built the relation with this company through that manager and he/she will be heading towards some other organization. Don’t you think that you have got an entry point there?

  1. Offer Your Learning to Similar Prospects

As a sales person, you are involved in various projects of different organizations and thus come across innovative ways to accomplish may things or tackling an issue. Whenever sales persons learn something new, mostly they think, they will apply this knowledge, whenever needed. If you want to stand ahead of crowd, don’t wait for situation to come, but create that. There would be many other prospects with similar nature and near identical problems. If you want an advantage over your competitor, you should immediately pursue those companies with your recently acquired knowledge as an offering. Now, you can enjoy early bird status. Chances of your win with less competition is much higher. Added to this, you can earn respect as a solution provider.

  1. Look for Trigger Events

Business is a dynamic entity. Any significant event alters a prospect’s priorities and creates new set of demands. Whether you are existing vendor for an organization or not, such events are worthy enough to keep an eye upon. For existing vendor, such things may require your offerings to be restructured. While you may get fresh opportunities, if you want to approach these prospects.  For example, if any company has made good profit this year, they may likely to invest in some pending expansion plan or to install some new software for sales etc. New business deals or market directions alter priorities too sometimes overnight.

So, friends start investing your time to analyse changes with your clients and uncover new opportunities, what most successful sales persons do. They take entry before competitors, accomplish needful, develop relationships and close deals with almost no competition.

Hope you like the idea and enjoy reading. Share your views is the comment box.

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