10 Phrases, Customers Love to Listen in First Five Minutes

“Customer First, Customer First, Customer First”. We, in corporate world, reiterate this phrase to an irritating level. But when it comes to walk the talk, how many of us remember this phrase? Sales persons could hardly suppress their eager to talk about themselves, their company, achievements, manufacturing process, quality certificates etc. Decision makers don’t care about all these. They don’t care about the wonderful methodology you use or international certifications, that your organization got. Such talks can be add-on, but can never be of principle interest to customers.

If you really want to bring “Customer First” phrase into action, there are ten options of phrases, one or few of them must be a part of your conversation within first five minutes irrespective of industry, you are into. Here, in this blog, I am going to enlist those ten phrases: –

  1. Reduced Cost or Better Profitability
  2. Improved Revenue
  3. Increased Customer Retention
  4. Reduced Employee turnover
  5. Higher Operation Efficiency or Lower Process Loss
  6. Better Competitive advantage
  7. Improved Manpower Efficiency
  8. Reduced Risk
  9. Reduced Lead Time
  10. Reduced Maintenance Cost

If you think deeply, your business does nothing more than these for the customer? If you have never really thought about your products or services from this perspective, start thinking. Once you start speaking in these terms and you’ll definitely attract their attention.

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