Target Achieved. Incentive Earned. But Success???

Sales and Target are so intermingled, that hardly anyone can think of one sans other. Selling requires motivation. Target achievements and incentives motivate. But can target achievement guarantee your success as sales pro? Can your target brings you a sustainable sale? Think for a while. If this would be the case, why many sales champs suddenly lose their shine? Day by day, selling evolves with the shifting expectation of customers. Although, talks are still primarily on targets, but when it comes to career growth, much more is required to achieve, which cannot be listed as SMART Goals.

After carrying out discussion with many successful sales pros, few insights were developed, which I would like to share in form of a few objective through this blog. Such objectives can’t be listed as SMART objectives. SMART ones  are reflecting only seller’s perspective, while these embraces customer’s interest. These objectives are:-

  • Focus on SUSTAINABLE SALES (and not sales only) with customers
  • Engage customers BEYOND SALES PLATFORM

At this juncture, you may ask how to fulfill these BEYOND SMART Objectives. I am going to describe a few activities, that will be helpful. Have a look.

  1. Develop consultative skills

Days are gone, when sales reps were only selling products and collecting payments. As the With growing competition and changing customer’s expectation, sales reps need to position themselves to be the ones, prospects choose to engage. And this can happen only if you shift your positioning from a product peddler to a consultant. You may ask, how to pursue it? There is only one “Mantra” for this. “Acquire knowledge and showcase at suitable platform”. Update yourself about different aspects of respective industry and products with internet, books, trade magazines, peer discussion and customer interaction. Share your insights inside customer’s chamber. With help of your educational questions, you may engage customer in a productive manner.

  1. Showcase yourself in social media

Today’s buyers are likely to find you online before you identify and reach out to them. Hence it is important to actively showcase your presence at related places in social media like LinkedIn. Try to join LinkedIn groups, where your customers and prospects are already present. Develop and maintain buyer-focused, content-rich social profiles on LinkedIn and another platform. Since most B2B reps are pursuing accounts and not individuals, develop your profile with accounts in mind. Track your LinkedIn profile views and the number of targeted profile viewers (the viewers whose industry, title, or other match your ideal customer profile).

  1. Build and nurture network of high-value connections

High value doesn’t indicate money always. It may be some kind of relation, that can give you access to good business or otherwise they may introduce you to key decision makers. You may be referred as a sales rep worthy of connecting with by high value connections. But this can’t be built in one day. Once you find such connections, you have to build good relationship with them and engage them with different activities. Social media, Watsapp, etc are very useful in such activities.

Please share your views and experience in comment box.


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