Fill in the blank. Sales is No More a Number Game, but……………

From decades, numbers remain the back bone of sales. You talk about target/achievements, or customers or visits/calls, everything is number. And we keep on increasing all these numbers and not ready to compromise at any cost. The popular sales theory is that all we need to do if we want to be successful in this business is to call, call, call. This way, we fill our pipeline with large no. of suspects, a few of them turns into prospects and then into customers. We’ve been lead to believe that going after all those prospects is essential to our success. But have we given any second thoughts? Is the same theory applicable even today with changing sales dynamics and customer’s expectations?

A few of the sales persons have now started visiting fewer number of selected customers only and they have got enormous success in their career. They don’t want to become merely product peddler, but a consultant with higher degree of involvement.

Logic behind approaching and maintaining few customers are

  • No one can cater to everyone
  • Right Fit (in terms of style of doing business and ethics) is essential for long term business
  • Time is limited. Either you can approach many customer or you can serve few of customers efficiently

You may ask, if you should not behind increasing customer base, what you should do? How to utilize your 24 hrs a day.

You should spend more time on following: –

  • Finding goals and objectives of customer
  • Collecting information about dynamic scenario inside customer organization
  • Finding out relative positions of persons involved in decision making process
  • Adding value with every single interaction

Overall, you should help prospects to understand the value of your solution and more importantly – how changing situations can impact the organization. Even the solution is not static. It may change as per business dynamics. Successful sales persons think ahead of their customers for their solutions to be relevant for customers issues and problems.

So, my friends, stop chasing numbers. Start focusing on maximum impact, that you can create with your customer.

Sales is no more a number game, but AN IMPACT GAME NOW.  

Please share your thoughts and views.

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