Commodity…. Product…. Solution……. Value……. What NEXT??? (Part-2)


Moreover, what will be life of that “NEXT”? Is there anything with a sales pro, that will never lose its shine or which can never be commoditized?

I got many thoughts regarding my question through email. A few of those responses are customization, better customer understanding, to the point communication etc. All these responses are right in their own way. But there is one question: will such traits last for ever? Even now, such characteristics are part of effective sales traits.

There was one response really caught my attention. Not because, this resonates with my own thinking, but more than that, the logics along with. Before coming to that response, let’s ponder upon a few scenarios in sales.

Everything has got two aspects like a coin. Attrition, a term that haunts entire industry, has also got something remarkable to learn, if watched carefully. It is a common thing in sales world-wide. Sales reps leave organizations after better offers. But inside this very common thing, a lot of variation can be noticed. Mostly organizations don’t bother about someone parting ways. But a few resignations really take toll in terms of business. And in most of such cases, business shifts towards new organization, the sales person joined. Have you ever tried to peel off the onion layers of this scenario? Customer buys products from a company. And all the three (Customer, company and product) are still at their own place, then why the hell, customer is shifting? He was satisfied till this point? Then what has shaken his trust now?

At the end, you will come to only one point i.e. SALES PERSON. Actually, this is the sales person himself, who can’t be devalued, who will never lose his shine, if he is willing. Be it now, or hundred years down the line, it is only a sales person, who actually turns a commodity into product and a product into a brand. A sales person can only get his customer realize about their needs and turns a product into a solution. And it’s a sales person only, who derives value for product, making it suitable.

At last, I can only say, that I don’t know what can be the NEXT. But I can say that only a Willing Sales Person will never lose his shine and can’t be commoditized ever.

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